To One oh Kind My White Polabear Shepard with Dreamy Eyes

by Arina
(San Francisko)

Hi my darling!
It's been almost 4 months since you went to RainBow Bridge. Is so hard to excepted or even write to you letter. Yes ,I'm crying, Yes I miss you dearly, I'm thinking of you everyday, before I go to sleep I kiss you picture and putt my hand on wood box with your ashes, I ask God why you didn't take me , you was only 4 years old kid my son who been everywhere with us true good true bad, when. We drive you always stick your head on roof and Make people smile every time they look at you, You , was hard to miss ?. I bring yon here all the way to nothern California so you enjoy the weather and ocean you love, alots of park we went and one day you had sezire , we took you to vet couple hours letter you was gone.
Not, Never From Our Hearts my Love , my Darling, my MIshka Man, my prince MIshka we call you so many cool names.
You My Man , I know we will me together forever when it's time will come. Until that day Please Come to My Dreams... PLEASE

I Want scream and tell all world how much we Miss You


Your one of a kind mama


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