by Jenna

Ross got taken to the vet on 19/07/2012. Not once in his life had he been taken to the vet with any illness'. That day his body slowly began to give in, his back legs has completely failed on him.

I rang my Nan at 5:20pm to check if he was ok, I could tell by the distress in her voice something was wrong, then the words came 'He's been put to sleep'.

Now I try not to cry because I know he wouldn't want me to, my Mum tells me he looked at her in a way to say 'Thank You' then gave her hand a final lick.

Rossy boy, your gone from out eyes but never from our heart and we'll cherish our memories with you till the day we meet again.
Never forget you angel, we all love you so much but its time for you too rest.

Sleeptight our angel x

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