Our handsome Boy Titan R.I.P. 2005 to 2013

by Roseanne Forrester
(Roseburg, Oregon USA)

Titan...perfect in everyway

Titan...perfect in everyway

Titan, as tears are flowing down my face right now....we miss you everyday. There isnt a moment that we dont think of you or talk about you. I know that you were not ready to go. You tried so hard to keep up with us. You fought so hard honey. But you were dragging your feet and they were bleeding...im so sorry.
We have a new puppy now and his name is Hank. I wish so terribly that you were to show him the ropes....but we are doing our best. I know that you would of approved of him. We love and miss you sweet boy ooxx..Daddy, Mom, John and Jule

Titan was 9 years old and we lost him to the hip dysplasia and arthritis of the spine. We loved him so much...miss him terribly!
I still have moments of breaking down and crying for several minutes. We have a new puppy that we just received...and it is still hard...because he isnt titan. But I know that we will NEVER replace our beloved.

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