Minnie the larger than life!

by Peter
(Manitoba, Canada)

Minnie the Wonder Dog

Minnie the Wonder Dog

Minnie was much larger than her name implied and she lived a great life. She was a black GSD and for 13 years she caused us much trouble including her habit of running off to chase deer and making us look for her for hours. Yet when danger came near she defended the family ferociously, which on one occasion resulted in some torn pants on a nasty man. It was very obvious despite her wandering nature that she wouldn not hesitate to give her life to protect her beloved family. It was truly horrible for the 5 of us to watch the vet pull into our yard and inject her with that needle. We all cried terribly as we held her and she went limp, my only hope is that she knew we did it to stop that horrible disease. All the animals seemed to know of our loss because when we buried her in the meadow where she lived a rare bald eagle glided low and directly overhead. At the same time you could see the deer in the trees with what looked like smiles on their faces.

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