In Memory of Max Dec.28,2007 - July 5, 2013

by Bobby Barnes
(Cullman, Alabama)

My Buddy Max

My Buddy Max

My Buddy Max Max with his favorite hat Waiting for his daddy to tell him what to do.

On July 5, 2013, I had to put my buddy down because of aggression. Max was born a cross bread which I did not know at the time. Over the few years he was on this earth, his aggression kept getting worst. On the night of the 4th of July I brought him in the house because he was scared to death of fireworks, lighting and gun shots. While he was in the house my wife got down on the floor to play with him like she has done for several years after we brought him home at 6 months old. While playing he jumped up and hit my wife in the face with his paws causing a cut on her face around her eyes and on the underside of her nose and lips. We know he did not mean to hurt her that he was playing. He never growled or showed any aggression towards her. Our VET had told us to keep and eye on him because he was getting more and more aggressive with her every time week took him in for shot and checkups. She said he was acting more and more like a enbread puppy. It really hurt me to have to put him down, but I just could not stand to see him suffer anymore with the fear he was feeling. He was little over 6 years old. I miss him badly, he was a good friend always wanted to be with me. He was easy to train and love doing things to make me happy. I Love and Miss you Max. Your daddy!

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