German Shepherd Dog Names

Sometimes the most daunting task for a new dog owner is choosing from all the great German shepherd dog names for his pet.

If you have purchased a puppy from a breeder or rescued and adult dog from a rescue shelter, it is likely that the puppy or adult dog has already been named. Typically, the first word in a puppy's registered name is the breeder's kennel name, after which another name follows.

That said, although your puppy or adult dog may already have a registered name, you will still need to come up with a call name. You can give the puppy or adult dog a name that is related to his registered name or you can come up with something totally different.

Your puppy's call name is totally yours to create but try to keep it to one or two distinct syllables. Long complicated names are not easy to say in a hurry, nor are they easy for your German shepherd to recognize. Also stay away from names that sound similar to common dog commands.

To try and make your new dog name decision as easy as possible, we have included a list of female dog names and male dog names to choose from.

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