Elektra.. 2013-2013

by Corrina

First day we met. <3

First day we met. <3

First day we met. <3 First day on the grass. <3

Elektra had a hard life, she was a puppymill puppy. Yes, she came from one of those terrible places. My boyfriend and I bought a little, plush GSD puppy.

She was absolutely beautiful and I wanted nothing more than to take her home but I knew where she came from and even with knowing I still decided I'd try and give this puppy the best life she could ever have but little did I know that she'd pass away before she'd ever actually get the chance to live.

Elektra was 2 months old (born on July 24th)when I got her. She was terrified of grass, the concrete and so much more. She wasn't socialized with the normal things most puppies are. She took kindly to a leash and collar and within a few hours she was running around in the grass and bounding onto the pavement. She loved to be outdoors and most of all she loved leaves. She wasn't too fond of the car but as long as she could see either my boyfriend or I she would soon stop her whimpering.

Elektra was one of the most intelligent puppies I had ever met though I never did get to see how far we could take it. She ended up passing away 2 weeks after we got her. We got her on a Monday and on Sunday we found out our precious pup had parvovirus. She was extremely sick but there was that 50/50 chance of her surviving the horrible virus unfortunately Elektra wasn't one of the lucky ones. We didn't catch it on time and she ended up passing away over night at our vets office 3 days after being diagnosed with parvo. It was one of the most heart breaking things I or my boyfriend had ever experienced.

Though I regret getting a puppy from Petland I do not and will never regret giving that little Shepherd a life outside of a cage and on the other side of the glass.

R.I.P Sweet Pea. Mommy and Daddy love you.

Fly high baby girl.

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