by vicki masten
(plano Tx)

You came to us a hurt and angry little dog. We loved you just the same and watched you grow into the most amazing dog ever. We had a bond like no other, strong and as enduring as the end of time. You were my companion,friend,champion,and I loved you like you were a child.You were still rough yet to me you were always like a big baby.You brought us such happiness and as we both got older you retained that enthusiasm for the toy just like a puppy. What are we going to do without you here spreading such cheer?You will live on in our hearts and our memories all those happy days we romped together in a field full of green clover and love.We will surely see each other again in whatever comes in the end.Yes, two best friends should never be parted and I know will that when my days come to an end that you will be there waiting to show that two hearts made into one can not be parted.

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